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Our mentors

Mentor:An experienced, trusted person giving advice and help over a period of time.

Keeping abreast of the current political, social, economic and technical conditions here is important, nay, vital to success. But news media tends to be one sided and often lacks any real depth, for that you need to talk to people who are here, living and working at the coal face. Our mentors are, by and large, people like you, came here with a big dream, and succeeded, others are based in NZ but have strong, regular connections with China.
They all share one thing: a strong, burning passion to share what they know and see you succeed in China


Photo: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Link to NZTE {New Zealand Trade and Enterprise] China website

This busy and dynamic region has the advantage of a free trade agreement and is full of opportunity for competitive New Zealand companies. If you’re thinking about doing business in China, or are looking for extra insights to shape your strategy, experts in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan NZTE are your mentors. Their site regularly shares their insights and publish them, just click their BLOGS link.

NZBusiness – Magazine

Photo: Glenn Baker- NZBusiness.comAlibaba NZ exporters conference, Auckland

Glenn Baker is Editor of NZBusiness Magazine and Exportertoday, both based in Auckland, New Zealand. Glenn is also a long time personal friend of the Directors of Bicyu, and one of our  mentors. Glen often writes on news or tppics relative to NZ businesses seeking entry to or already established in the China market. Read more by Glenn Baker.

TSI – The Silk Initiative

image of clients of TSI [The Silk Initiative]If not already over, the days of general marketing are limited in China. You have a niche or specialist product? You need specialist experts standing beside you.The Silk Initiative – China’s only specialised food and beverage insights-driven brand consultancy was founded by Andrew Kuiler to provide specialist F&B China marketing expertise. Not only does Andrew have an outstandingly impressive background, but also as an Aussie, [the Tim Tams were a give away- right?] can also relate closely to the Kiwi F&b industry.NZ is an A grade health and food producer, and for our money you can’t do better than working with Andrew. Read more how TSI developed a sweet marketing strategy to take Tim Tams to the #1 spot in China and learn how they can improve your NZ F&B brand position in China.

Pro Soul Digital Sound

Photo: Tommy Tong image linking to pro soul sound production in BeijingFounded by professional Canadian sound engineer Jarome Matthew, Beijing based Pro Soul is China’s premier sound production house primarily engaged in post production audio for Chinese films and international films produced in China.Their services include: sound design, audio editing and 5.1 surround mixing, dubbing of feature films, TV and animated series into multiple languages such as Japanese, Mandarin, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic.