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China Luxury in 2019- where is it going?

Last updated on March 18, 2019


“Where China luxury goes, main stream China is not far behind.”
Aim2D has always believed this to be a good gauge of trends for brands.

There has always been criticism that luxury brands in China, esp those in the fashion sector, don’t really pay much attention to the thoughts are needs of Chinese consumers. They have oft been criticised for failing to understand or take account of Chinese tastes. Or worse- of using Chinese culture in poor taste in their promotions.
We wrote about this earlier in this article.

End of 2018, D&G found out that Chinese patience is only so thick.

Looking at the image used in this article, one is in no doubt it is about China. Yet the setting, the model are all in very good taste. What’s more, it reflects modern Chinese consumers. No rickshaws, no noodles, no patronising imagery.

Nick Withycombe is Director of Content Development at Reuter Communications and writes for “The Luxury Conversation” based in Shanghai City, China.
In this article Nick presents a summary of what 2018 can show us about the coming year, and 5 things to look for.
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