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Peter Bic- founder / director of Bicyu / Aim2D
Peter Bic- founder / director of Bicyu / Aim2D China Marketing views

Aim2D China Marketing views are written around our day to day China business, marketing and living experiences. You could call it a blog if you need to classify it.

Most of the stories come from our own hands on experience from working with clients. Some from our views formulated over 20+ years working directly in the China Marketing, Tech and Social Media sector. We have been here, practising our craft since 2003.
Overall, a blend of our practical experience, knowledge and intuition.

Often the style is laid back, simple, almost humourous at times. However, at the same time, we are serious  and hope they can be seen as learning opportunities.

We hope you find Aim2D China Marketing views not just interesting and informative but also useful for planning the China marketing journey for your brand.

Of course, if at any stage in this process you have questions, need a hand or just need some advice, we are only too happy to chat with you.

Please scroll down to the end of the right column to Email us, or, if you are in China call Everlyne directly for a chat or to schedule a face to face visit to our Beijing West visitors office.