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About Aim2D

Aim2D: media source to inform and educate New Zealand brands on the China business scene and marketing landscape so they can develop a business and brand strategy that drives a success oriented performance in the China market.

Curating topical articles and news from leading media sources to industry experts we bring you insights, tips and trends impacting on, influencing and shaping the China marketing landscape today. A channel for NZ brands to connect, share and discuss business and marketing in China.

From emerging technologies to tried and true safe practices we provide real time info aiding NZ brands understanding of Chinese consumer needs and expectations, formulate winning strategies, compete and grow China.

Since 2003, working with many non Chinese firms entering the China market we spent almost as much time providing education and pastoral care as we did marketing services. We become aware of the huge knowledge gap and the yawning chasm between what many overseas companies think about marketing to China, and the reality. In recent years, the explosion of mobile and digital in China has sharpened this disconnect between myth and reality, the enormous and rapid impact of WeChat as the #1 China marketing tool has aggravated the situation to the point where many foreign business are woefully ignorant of life and marketing here.

2016 we launched “Made in New Zealand | Loved in China” a support and consultancy handbook for NZ firms aiming for success in China.
Aim2D was created in 2017 to build on that in the form of a web site that, rather than just pushing our services and their advantages, aimed to bring relevant, current insights, news and information to help non Chinese brands and marketers better understand “the animal they are dealing with.”

Our AIM is for it to become a community driven source of support, inspiration and information, driven not only by us and or colleagues, but hopefully a repository of a rich source of advice, experience and suggestions by readers, those who have “been there, done that.” Everyone has some experience of China, good and bad, we hope to be able to share that here for the benefit of everyone

If you have something you would love to exchange with us, questions, comment or just need advice, please do not hesitate to drop us a quick line in the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please note; high spam levels mean emails from web based clients, such as Gmail will not be delivered. Please use your business URL or we can be reached by LinkedIn PM