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Chinese mobile internet use soars

China has risen rapidly in the mobile internet industry with the number of mobile internet users reaching 820 million in 2018, up 9 percent year-on-year, driven by the explosive growth in the short video market, an internet trends
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Aim2D - Asia Info Media

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Inspiring Kiwi Brands Win in China

Rugby Photo: Quino Alrugby team playing for success

To win in any top level game, you need to do more than practice and be at peak performance. You need to understand the other bloke, the way he thinks, the way she plays, the way they react.
Cracking the China market is no different: coming here without understanding how Chinese consumers think, act and what motivates them is fool hardy at best.
Yet many do

Be Inspired to Win in China

jiangsu travel destination, China

Aim2D was developed to inspire and motivate NZ companies on today's China business and marketing landscape. Understanding China is today, culturally, socially, technically gives you an edge planning a successful strategy here.

Winning China Game Plan

Photo: Fanfan@Bicyu Aim2D fashion consultant: Fanfan

Aim2D helps you do this by linking to up to the minute technology, business and marketing news in China putting your finger on the pulse of business in China today. Jing Daily, for example, provides priceless news and stories from the China luxury sector. Regardless of YOUR market sector, this data provides trends and insights to the China market as a whole

Home in Auckland and China

Photo: Glenn BakerAim2D Auckland correspondent- Glenn Baker

For a more localised view of who is doing what to whom, and how, we are thrilled to introduce Auckland based Glenn Baker- long term friend and editor of NZBusiness and Exportertoday. Glenn covers NZ China press conferences as well as stories of NZ brands success in China, such as Zealong: a NZ tea brand selling to China.

Aim Angels

Aim2D Auckland correspondent- Glenn Baker

The Internet is littered with corpses of failures in China, every business get-together someone has a horror tale to tell. Seems everyone has been to China, made mistakes, has a story to tell, and we hear all about it. But rarely success stories. So why rebuild the same destructive wheel? Let's change the story, let's listen, learn from those errors as well as successes. Lets listen to people like Andrew Kuiler or gain inspiration from our China KISS Klub: Kiwi firms that have succeeded here.

Aim2D: Member of the Bicyu Group

Jiangsu Photo: JJ Ying image showing closed China door

So, that was Aim2D, what we do and why we do it. Please visit on desktop for a dynamic experience, or feel free to wander over here to leave us a message
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Helping Foreign Business Win in China

Aim - Media
Member of the Bicyu NZ Co Group, evolving from WPBeijing in 2003
About Aim2D

Coaching International companies to win in China

Aim2D curates and shares up-to-the-minute industry news and expert opinion helping foreign brands and marketers discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful trends and patterns in China Business, Tech, Social Media and Marketing to Chinese consumers.

We showcase movements shaping and altering the Chinese marketing landscape -shifts in consumer patterns, preferences, attitudes- informing, inspiring potential China market investors, guiding them to more effective, knowledge based decision making.

From Alibaba to Zhang Wei we bring you the latest, cutting edge news from game changers and power makers in China.

In other words: we empower you with up to date, relevant information to help you succeed in China.

Rugby Photo: Quino Al
Understand the playground- Understand the Competition- Understand your AUDIENCE . . . Understand WHY here
5 Reasons Why Aim2D Exists

Because the China you think you know isn't the China you need to know.
Because many firms entering China do not have sufficient depth of current, relevant, useful data or knowledge of real China today. Learning on the job in China is not an option.
Because understanding today's vibrant Chinese culture, tech, marketing and business trends shaping China's marketing landscape is vital to success
Your ability to understand and relate to your consumer in China is directly linked to your success.
Because 16 years experience teaches us without understanding you will struggle to gain traction and fail.

We're not ones to name drop, but...

image of selected clients of Bicyu China digital marketing If one is known by the company one keeps;
then we keep great companies~

China Business Video News Links

Image of Ranran, creator of small videos Sometimes you don't want to sit and "read" on line news, esp if we're on mobile, have a few seconds free on route to somewhere.
So, for your informational pleasure, China business, marketing video stories, with some BBC global news thrown in for good measure!
Please be aware BBC content is live and constantly updated so actual item played may differ from the image we show. It is also intermittently blocked in China which we have no control over.
For a little light relief, this cover video was prepared for Bicyu by our "Content Trainee" Ranny: aged 9.

Lazada Thailand Fashion Show - see now, buy now...

"Created to celebrate the women in SE Asia" or, in marketing speak, created to convince them to spend more. Owned by Alibaba, Lazada operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. CAUTION: Note- sound is ON--- looks great in full screen with strong network and GPU card.

Watch Live BBC Asia News

BBC breaking China business news image
Or listen to BBC Radio News

WARNING: this service can be very addictive~


Starbucks kiosk in China

Thanks to a partnership with Alibaba's Freshippo supermarkets, coffee lovers can now enjoy a fresh cuppa while they shop. CAUTION- sound is ON!


A short vid prepared by Alibaba showcasing their cooperation in providing technology for facial recognition check-in and online booking APP for China's Marriott Hotel. Best appreciated in full screen mode.

Siteground hosting logo


Sept 13th 2018: Hangzhou. Taobao Maker Festival showcasing innovation, diversity and playfulness. China as you have never seen or even imagined. Best viewed on full screen.
Please check your speakers SOUND IS AUTO PLAY.

The Chinese Consumer

No Vid? Try this link

McKinsey report; 3 min overview of the Chinese consumer, complied Nov 2017.

China News, Biz, Tech Media Links

How can you craft a successful market entry strategy if you fail to fully understand the people?

It is vital to have a thorough grounding of events in China, political, business, technological and social for brand success here.

Mainstream media [and private blogs] tends to present a slightly unbalanced view of China- often from one source- understandable given the perspective of most western editors. Influenced by their own and corporate cultural biases they cover China as a communist state and everything flows from that.

Great, maybe for Sunday news but does not provide relative, cutting edge trends or snap shot of life, culture and business in China that would be China investors need to make reasoned and well founded decisions.

They need access to a wider variety of sources, such information is available, if one knows whee to find it. F2or busy CMO's and marketing execs, that takes time.

Aim2D gathers links to China Marketing, Tech or Business stories from domestic and overseas media, hopefully making it a little easer to grow your knowledge base.

Photo: Fanfan@Bicyu

Jing Daily:

Aim2D fashion consulatant: Fanfan

We kick of with Jing Daily because whether you realise it or not, the fashion sector in China is very likely to be an excellent indicator for your brand.
As a foreign brand, your product is possibly likely to be be viewed by Chinese consumers as "luxury" and may also attract import duties, pushing it into a perceived "Luxury" price bracket.
Jing Daily is a leading source of trends and information on luxury in China, and luxury is one of the hottest, most competitive sectors in China.
Cutting edge Jing provides snapshots of the landscape and trends, valuable for ALL sectors in helping you keep tabs on China's business and marketing pulse.
Talk to Fanfan- left- about your luxury or fashion band in China.

CONTENT update by provider- may not reflect topic or image shown by Aim2D.

China Business News

Image linking to current China Daily news story

Our Choice

China's economy: Taking stock of 2018

China's economy ended 2018 on firm footing amid a complex external environment, with better quality and improved structure. China's spin - an alternative to CNN etal.
An open mind learns a lot in China

China Cosmetics News

Image linking to China Cosmetic News story

Cosmetics Design Asia

As it says on the lid, informative articles relating to the Asia cosmetics industry with a dedicated China link presented by Amanda Lim.

As a general rule, the China fashion, skin care and cosmetic industries are good guide to Chinese consumers trends.

China Tech News

Our choice

Suppliers from worldwide state support for Huawei

If China tech is your scene, this is the scene you should be seen at. Live and dynamic, your daily fix of China tech news, from a Chinese perspective.
An arm of China Daily, but never-the-less, an informative read.

China Internet Watch

Image linking toartciles reating top Chinese consumers trends and statistics

China’s total middle class exceeded 33 million in 2018

CIW offer a mix of premium and free articles across the China marketing, technology, social media and business spectrum.
We focus on Chinese consumers, trends and stats.

China Luxury

Image linking to China fashion and luxury story

Safety and Prestige Driving Natural and Organic Beauty Demand in China- By Amanda Lim

Informative content showcasing the luxury industry in China and Asia.
The business of luxury is relevant to foreign brands in China as luxury is a good barometer of the economy in China overall.


image linking to South China Morning Post [SCMP] tech stories

Owned by Alibaba, yet not afraid of courting controversy this Hong Kong media often sails close to the wind of Govt tolerance with sometimes sensational, salacious stories. Its TECH site however, is always great reading.


image link to Alibaba News Sheet

The newsheet of the Alibaba group, a little one eyed. However, it provides valuable insight into China's vibrant economy, Internet culture and rising consumer class. Content is updated by Alibaba independent and may NOT reflect the image shown by Aim2D.

Asia News, Biz, Tech Media Links

Keeping you abreast of Asia as a whole

Aljazeera Asia Pacific News

image showing China's attempt to stifle news

China's balancing act: Sorry

We'd like to show you an image and latest news here, but this media has been blocked in China.

Tech In Asia

image for Tech in asia story

Why Singapore tech firms think Africa is the next big thing

Africa has become the new frontier for Singapore’s startup movement, as more technology and venture capital firms eye the continent’s largely untapped market for the next wave of growth despite the challenges it presents, experts say

Digital Market Asia

link link showing China's attempt to stifle news

Hello 2019, the year of the tipping point

This links to an old article. However, the site is either no longer maintained or blocked in China so we can not update it. A Singapore media house that caters to the Asian marketing community in the digital age. A good round up of regional business / marketing news

Digital CNA

link to Digital Marketing Asia current Digital Marketing news

Volkswagen will use Chinese software developers

to help design a global autonomous vehicle architecture which carmakers are struggling to hire elsewhere. A Singapore general business / tech site with an Asia section focus. Can take aeons to load here so we do not often update it.

Digital Straits Times

link to Digital Marketing Asia current Digital Marketing news

China moved to cashless society

Yet another Singapore based media provider currently blocked or U/A in China. The featured story is old, but interesting- sadly we can not update it.

StartUp SG SSG

link to Singapore strartup news

Why Singapore is the deep tech hub of Asia.

Yet another Singapore based media provider focussed on Singapore Start-ups, as their name implies. Content seems to be updated every two months.

Fast Company

image link to Fast Company Business Magazine

Placed further down as this magazine is not strictly Asia or China focused. However, it does provide vital info on the global business and tech scene vital in staying abreast. This links to their podcast- check your speakers first- Content is updated by the provider, independent of Aim2D.

K.I.S.S Klub

Kiwi Inspirational Success Stories

Aim is about inspiring and informing, showing there is another side to the doom and gloom and horror stories surrounding business in China.
Certainly, any brand considering China needs to do their homework, research, understand the market, the people, the culture here. They need to know not only their own product intimately, but be very aware of how it will fit in the Asian scene. Often, it is not the same as home, Europe or USA.

Make no mistake, success in China takes hard work, determination to the point of stubbornness and a willingness to put aside existing theories or preconceived ideas of how YOU expect it to play out. You need to be prepared to spend time here- a lot of time here- make contacts, network with people who have been here and made mistakes. Learn from those.

Opportunity for success is ripe in China for those who are prepared to be objective, realistic, putting time, money and effort in to developing a solid plan and strategy. As they say, China is not a sprint, it is a damn long, hard and oft frustrating marathon.

That isn't to say it can't be done, as these Kiwi firms have proven.

Unless otherwise stated, nothing in this sections infers or suggests that there is or was any business relationship between the Bicyu brands and those mentioned here.

Maidin N Z - in China

screen shot of new zealand business support website

Relationship Marketing NZ Brands in China

Kiwi Brand Ambassadors, Support, Consultancy for NZ firms aiming for success in China

Business mentors, Brand representatives, advisers, consultants. Beijing based, NZ owned, managed,registered.

Contemplating launching your Kiwi brand in China?
Please drop us a line for friendly, free support, advice specific and relevant to your needs.

BICYU's Own Brands

Ok, well we couldn't really let you get this far without at least a small mention of our own Bicyu brand -So, if you are looking for practical China marketing support and service
We have ya covered.

Digital Marketing

image showing closed China doorLinking you to Bicyu Digital marketing, a great place to begin your China success story.

Angel Mentors

Image of Angel ready support businesses in ChinaWe all need a hand getting started. Real time, in house training, over-load support, seminars, workshops.


Image of the Great wall of China swarming with peopleAn overview to WeChat in China- the #1, go-to App for buyers and sellers in China.

WeChat OA

image of mature Chinese make reading his WeChat on mobile phone WeChat Official Accounts [OA]: Business Swiss Army Knife, Genie of The Lamp. Currently undergoing rapid changes, few websites can keep up- contact us to clarify your position.

Eclectic Bic

image linking to Aim2d blog

Stories, articles, viewpoints, idea's, philosophy derived from a broad and diverse range of sources that might possibly be contrived to pertain to marketing or business in China. Some may even call it our blog~.

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